Thursday, 12 January 2012

One More Thing I Kinda Want

Whenever I see replica video game weaponry I always feel like that 6-8 year old kid you see in shops badgering his mother for a plastic sword or a miniature fully functioning trebuchet. Rest assured, if my kids ever badger me for this replica of the M-96 Mattock Heavy Rifle from Mass Effect 2, I'll display it proudly for them; I might even let them touch it...sometimes.

Zander Brandt, famous for other Mass Effect replicas, put together this wonderful piece of head-blasty fun in his spare time. Brandt commented. "I chose [the Mattock] because it is arguably the most complicated rifle in the Mass Effect universe that still looks like it was made by human hands". Later Brandt wrote on his blog. "I like a challenge. And headaches apparently"

Mr. Brandt I salute you. Here's hoping for some cool stuff come the release of Mass Effect 3.

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